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2012 Maserati GranTurismo Sport (SOLD)

Sale Price: Call
Body style:Cabriolet
Exterior Colour:Navy Blue
Interior Colour:Beige/Black
Stock Number:BMC0549
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Blitzkrieg MotorCars proudly presents arguably the most attractive car on the planet....and just about the nicest sounding. The Maserati GranTurismo Sport Cabriolet, you have to own one and you will want to drive it every single day!

We're pretty sure it's Italian law that Maseratis have to be gorgeous. And as car carabinieri, we're willing to forgive the geometry-puzzle Biturbos and bulky Coupes of the past, since the GranTurismo coupes and convertibles of today are such standout pieces of design.

The GranTurismo's silhouette is elegant and exciting, a blend that doesn't always come easy. The stereotypical curves are all there, but they're more voluptuous and individual than you think, until you see them fold and swell into each other. From the flared rear fenders--like the Porsche 944 in some lights--to the low-slung front end, it's all sleekly wedged for maximum sensual appeal. Convertibles come off more cleanly, as usual, since snipping off the roof focuses all your attention on the car's hips. The MC has some heavy feel up front--the front fascia gives it thicker jowls but more down force and better brake cooling--but all versions benefit a lot from the snob appeal of a trident emblem on the grille.

Lease - Finance - Extended Warranty Available OAC

All Trades Welcome

Documentation fee $395
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