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Warranty Packages

Has your factory warranty coverage expired?

Did you purchase your car from us?

Do you currently service your car with us?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then we have good news! Your car could be eligible for a very exclusive warranty plan that can be tailored to your specific car and budget.

When you purchase a warranty package with us, you will experience yet another good feeling, the feeling of security, and the reassuring certainty that you are covered for surprising repairs and unscheduled large running costs.

The older your car becomes, the more likely it is to require repairs. The cost to repair today's vehicles is rising. You don't want to get stuck with an expensive repair bill and not be able to fix your car. In some scenarios it just takes one covered repair that can pay for the entire cost of the warranty plan.

At Blitzkrieg Motorcars, We know that everyone's warranty needs are different, we offer warranties that can be tailored to your car and budget. Most people protect their vehicle against collision, theft and rust. Coverage against unexpected mechanical repairs should also be a priority when owning a car especially given the risk can be costly if you don't.

Please ask our service manager or salesperson for details and let us help you get the best warranty coverage for you and your car. Let us help extend the life of your car and get peace of mind that your covered.

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